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Living In Shade is the key to living in comfort in climates such as Australia, particularly in summer! We are all experiencing summers that are getting hotter and longer and require a emphasis on building design that incorporates external sun shading.The shading of windows and glazed openings on the east and west, are most effectively achieved with vertical external shading solutions. Stopping the sun’s rays before they hit the glass will lower energy consumption and create  a natural comfort level inside. Northern elevations can benefit from the flexibility of angled awnings that can be adjusted for the changing angle of the sun through the change of seasons. A modern façade requires a modern solution. With large glazed areas there are effective solutions available. Automatic motorised control can simplify the operation of the different elements, integrating them to manage building comfort. Shading structures with horizontal weather protection and retractable vertical sides can enhance outdoor living areas, allowing occupants more time to enjoy their favourite entertaining areas. In cooler months, heaters can be added for comfort on those cooler days and nights. All of these shading systems are also available to be retro fitted. Our advice for this is of great value, drawing from the extensive knowledge of our building professionals within the company.


Living In Shade offer a large range of folding arm awnings, and drop arm awnings that create both shade and weather protection when set at the desired angle for rain deflection. These are very popular in extending the usage of patios, courtyards and terraces. Conservatory and pergola awnings with fixed side rails are the effective solution over glass roofs and pergolas. These now are available with zipped side retention for wind stability. Our Alfresko Slide Wire Awnings are a cost effect solution where stainless steel cables are stretched between points, with a pleated fabric awning attached. These awning systems can be motorised and remote controlled with smart devices and apps.


Living In Shade provide expert advice on the pros and cons of choosing the correct product for the situation. This is critical particularly when it comes to vertical shading systems as there are numerous options available. The most common solutions include vertical roller awnings with either side-wire, track or zip retention side guidance. These all have their appropriate specifications, but require careful selection for the installation position and operation. External Aluminium Venetians Blinds are a popular choice for modern facades where large glass areas can be shaded with large retractable blinds. Slat tilt control and retraction can be automated and follow the sun’s path during the day for maximum view and heat control. They are also very effective for privacy when required.


Aluminium louvres have been used for external shading for many years. They are effective and durable for domestic and commercial applications. Design Innovation over recent years has meant many more louvre solutions are now adjustable and motorised. Blade sizes have increased over time, making for larger areas to be screened effectively with architectural integrity. Vertical and horizontal applications can now be used to weatherproof outdoor living areas with opening and closing louvre roofs. Powder coated aluminium fixed, sliding and bifold shutters are an effective ,adjustable solution for shading and weather protection. These combinations can be stunning!
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Expertise from many years in the building industry ensure peace of mind when choosing Living In Shade for your Outdoor Room. With the help our in-house Exterior Designer, you can create the space of your dreams with custom outdoor furnishings using durable and elegant solution dyed acrylic fabrics, for daybeds and curtains. The Alfresko Pavilion forms the framework for a free-standing structure that incorporates your choice of roof, sides and furnishings.
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Living in Shade is partner to a number of Australia’s leading exterior sun shading manufacturers and importers who know the importance of quality and design and use of recyclable materials. Using the most durable materials from powder coated aluminium and stainless steel, to solution dyed acrylic fabrics, longevity of life is ensured. This means precious recourses are not wasted on products that will deteriorate within a short time.

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