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LIS are the external fixture specialist, from Queensland’s rural stations to the coast, we supply and install state wide.

We are all experiencing summers that are getting hotter and longer and require an emphasis on building design that incorporates external sun shading. The shading of windows and glazed openings are most effectively achieved with external shading solutions. Stopping the sun’s rays before they hit the glass will lower energy consumption and create a natural comfort level inside. A modern façade requires a modern solution. With large, glazed areas there are effective solutions available. Shading structures with retractable weather protective roofs and side screen can enhance outdoor living areas, allowing you to enjoy your entertaining area all year round, with a range of state-of-the-art heaters for those cooler months. Each of our systems are available to be retro fitted.

Living in Shade is a local Sunshine Coast company that understands the weather conditions we experience, and prides itself in only supplying quality products and first-class service. We offer professional advice, we install our own products and have great after sales service to all our customers from the extensive knowledge of our building professionals within the company.

Folding Arm Awnings

At Living in Shade, we have a wealth of experience with a wide range of folding arm awnings, offering a choice of technologies with well-engineered components. 

Our award-winning Folding Arm awnings are ideal to offer shade and maximise your outdoor space. Our modern European designed awnings offer strong protection against sun, UV rays, rain showers and gusts of wind, and have the latest functions including smart weather and motion sensors. 

Whether you require a minimal awning for your commercial or residential property, or the Rolls Royce of all awnings, Living in Shade can deliver a great asset to your property.

Living in Shade proudly offers expert installation and full ongoing service of all products that we sell and install.

External Vertical Blinds

Our External Vertical Blinds are professionally installed by trade-qualified experts. Unlike many internal blind, curtain, and flooring suppliers, we don’t compromise on quality. Our team is often called to rectify jobs sold by other dealers that left customers unsatisfied.
With our Living in Shade Extreme range, we offer blinds that can span up to an impressive 12 meters in width. Say goodbye to obstructed views with a post in the center of your opening. Choose Living in Shade for unobstructed, high-quality external vertical blinds that enhance your space.

External Venetians Blinds

With a wide and modern choice of colour and style options that allows you to select external blinds and shutters to suit your own style and personality, be it bold and adventurous, subtle, and laid back or classically traditional. External Venetian Blinds from Living in shade can be tailored to your every need.

Once you have selected your favourite, we will custom measure to make sure your made-to measure blinds fit perfectly.

Style and Function

External Venetian Blinds add a refined, aesthetic element to contemporary architecture as well as providing an effective, flexible shading solution for façades and windows. The resulting controlled balance of solar heat and light to the interior creates a superior comfort level and optimum temperature for any living or working space.

Key Points

Maintain Optimum Temperature. Our external Venetian Blinds regulate incoming UV, limiting heat build-up inside and thereby reducing the energy required for artificial cooling. In addition, the angled slats provide privacy

We also offer stunning Asymmetric External Venetians that are truly magnificent for gable end and racked glazed openings.

LIS Louvre Roof Systems & External Shutters

Combining the best elements of both outdoor and indoor living with our innovated louvre roof and classic or modern outdoor shutters. Use the weather to your advantage, sun in the winter, or instantly closed for hot or stormy days, the choice is at your fingertips.

Living in Shade proudly offers expert installation and full ongoing service state wide of all products that we sell and install.

Retractable Roof Systems

Slide-wire Awning & Pavilions are secured overhead roman style folding fabric covers that retracts and open along tensioned stainless steel cables.

Simplicity and strength are the key ingredients in with this stylish awning system that is a winner, even in strong wind conditions.

Key points

  • Durable Solution Dyed Acrylic fabric which is water and fade resistant
  • Non-corrosive components throughout
  • Aluminium tube battens
  • Marine Grade Stainless steel tensioned cables
  • Marine grade Stainless steel pulleys and clips
  • Manual cord or motorised operation
  • Easily cleaned with its unique convertible fabric system
  • Locally made here on the Sunshine Coast
  • Custom expert free installation and ongoing support
  • Custom sizes and fabrics available

Day Beds & Outdoor Curtains

The classic Outdoor Custom Day Bed is exclusive to Living in Shade. Living in Shade can build your day bed custom designed to your taste, in a variety of different materials aluminium covered in beautiful tiles stone or carefully selected timber, with inbuilt coolers, privacy curtains and retractable Alfresco slide wire awnings fit to cater for any occasion.

Create your own oasis. As with all our Living in Shade products, we offer free quotes and ongoing full product support Queensland wide.

Solid Roofs

Elevate your outdoor living with our Flyover Roof Pergolas. These innovative structures provide a perfect blend of beauty and functionality, allowing you to enjoy the open-air experience while being shielded from the elements. Explore our selection of flyover roof pergolas that seamlessly merge with your landscape, creating a stunning and practical addition to your home or business.

Pivot Arm Awnings

Fabric is projected off the window which allows air to flow behind the Awning. Windows can be open whilst the Awning is projected. A contemporary design ideal for larger windows & using fixed side rails an extended awning effect can be achieved with a projection of up to 1500mm. This awning is a cost effective awning with superior airflow & features. Option it up with the sliding arms so you can adjust the pitch at the drop of a hat.

Fixed Shades

Enhance your outdoor spaces with our diverse selection of fixed shade awnings. Our wide range of awnings can be custom-made to fit any application, ensuring that you get the perfect blend of style and functionality for your unique needs. From creating comfortable shaded areas for relaxation to protecting against the elements, our fixed shade awnings offer a tailored solution for your outdoor lifestyle. Book a free consultation and transform your outdoor spaces with quality and personalized craftsmanship.


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